Fall Looks For Your Preschooler

Look # 1 Wool & Lace

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to check out my picks for the 5 coolest and trendiest outfits for your toddler to rock this fall! Wearing any one of these outfits will make your trendsetter best dressed at their preschool for sure.

We are starting with the ladies, cuz ladies first, right? And also I have two boys so this job allows me to live vicariously and dabble in the world of girls clothing. Which let's face it, sooo much cuter and so much more to choose from.

First up, we play with textures. The lace and wool combo of this first outfit plays off the ruffle details so beautifully. Giving it such a rich and warm feel. We are so in love!


Stay tuned for my next must have look for Fall for girls! Four more to come, that's 5 amazing outfits, one for every day of the week!